While you were waiting…

I have added images, thoughts and poems sent in to this page during the running of the project.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed.


Photograph from Finland – thank you Riitta Oittinen

also from Helsinki and another and one from Uumpf.

(added September 2011)


One image lost but another one found. 11th June 2011.

More great bus stops (discovered 19th May 2011)

Came across the most fabulous Unst Bus Shelter – thank you to Matthew for finding this (17th March 2011)


Beautiful bus stop

Surrey, UK (10th March, 2011)


A song from Mario about waiting for a bus

2nd December 2010


A song about buses (Italian)

1/12/2010 – brilliant!


“A lonely bus stop”

“Queueing for the Bus”

Photographs sent in by Mario – 13/11/2010


I-pod on and don’t speak
move down now get that seat
they push on down
with nether a smile or a frown
blank faces as on their trip they go
…to the shops or the hospital
or the picture show?
Look for a seat with no one there
avoid the strange lady with dirty hair
So where they going I often ask?
those two there have a picnic and a flask
where are you off to?
and what do they seek
but on the bus the crammed in strangers never speak!
(Dave 1/11/10)

Alan sent this in (21-10-2010):

“This week I have been searching out the shelters where your photos are situated. I ended up outside the Esk shop in central Hastings and looked across the road to where I thought I would see one. There at the shelter stood a row of waiting travellers, backs turned, bums pressed against the glass, shopping bags in hands. But alas, no photo! Disappointed I went in to Esk to do a bit of shopping and returned outside about ten minutes later and took one last look at the shelter opposite. The queue of shoppers had gone and I was about to move on too; but, wait a minute, who’s that figure still waiting for a bus? There appeared to be a youngish person, possibly male, in blue jeans still waiting expectantly. His head was obscured by the bus company’s timetable so all I could see was his shoulders, torso, legs and…feet? Hang on a minute…no feet! Ah , it IS one of your photos after all! The giveaway clue was the lack of feet. Because the bus shelter has a gap at the bottom, your photo stops short of the ground, hence no feet! You had taken this picture so cunningly with the person in perfectly framed symmetry with his surroundings that, on first observation, I had mistaken him for a real, live person! But, with his lack of feet this urban ‘mirage’ was quite literally, suspended in time and space, a bit like us when we are waiting for a bus.” (Alan).


Mario – 19/10/10

Bus stops in and around Hastings – Mario, 16-10-2010


Bus stops and buses from around the world – Joe 17-10-10


Trying to “rap”
@Warriors Square bus stop
I am standing  under “Victoria” ’s eyes
in Warrior Square, bus stop is nigh
I waited and waited for the bus so long
that my hairs are grey and beard grew strong!
I am watching traffics that is passing by,
people on bikes, athletes going by,
cyclists, and passers, children on pram
all world is there! but the bus don’t run!
I look down along the sea fron’
but there are no buses on the horizon
The Pier stands sad, all burned down,
It seems to cry! The moon goes by!
the wind gets chilly, the shelter crowd
the people moan:” no buses around”!!
May be a taxi will pick me and drop
No way am I sleeping, at this bus stop!!
Mario 14-10-10

Lucy – 14th October

Mario – 12th October 2010

Laurie, 4th September 2010 – St Leonards Warrior Square

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